Thursday, December 19, 2002

Wow! I have to give a HUGE Shout out to Wendy of Multi-crafter because she is just the coolest most awesome nicest person ever! I traded her some soap for something that she had to trade... and she sent me all kinds of cool stampy stuff and inky pads and papers and embossing powder (which I obsess over anyway). I'm so indebted to you Wendy!!! I still owe you a lip balm... and I will send it to you!

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Hrmmmm... it's always interesting to see how people interpret copyright law. Ivete pointed out this interesting article about the Alice Starmore "issues" at hand. I've heard of Yarn Shops being anal about things, but it really surprises me when knitters (who usually seem pretty benign and not so militant) exhibit somewhat neurotic behavior. Alice Starmore is well known... I know a girl who was given a half-done Alice Starmore project and it's so involved... that's why it's only half done. Most fascinating to me, however, is the viewpoint of someone who's been watching this happen from nearly the beginning. It's not complete yet so be sure to watch out for more to come...

In happier news -- I received 10 skeins of the Top of the Lamb sportweight single ply to make a cute little jumper for the baby-to-be. It will be in a greenish color with classic pooh colors. Speaking of Jr... someone's been poking me lately. It feels really weird, but I'm sure there's more to come :-)

Monday, December 16, 2002

Happy Monday! Friday was the regular OB checkup and all is well. Had blood taken which is always fun. I also found out that the sciatica thing can get much, much worse. The doc recommended a PT person to visit with to fit me with a brace to reduce the pain.

In holiday/crafting/knitting news I've finally shipped off all the shipped gifts... and the international cards. We're making our Christmas cards this yr. Something to the effect of "there's no place like home for the holidays" with pictures of us and the house or the tree on the front. I still have some hand made gifts to finish and yesterday was spent at my coworkers house baking all day long. We did fudge, gingermen, sugarcookies, peanut brittle, snowball cookies, banana bread, and shortbread dipped in chocolate. We were industrious to say the least! Hopefully all our coworkers will enjoy our gifts of cookies and such. Anyway, I have also finished my second set of Fuzzy Feet and I am on to a different gift... a beanie for my brother. I did a gauge swatch and then calculated a size and started out... and I'm way over my gauge... which sucks. Now I have to rip it out and start over again. Why do I even bother with the gauge to begin with?

I guess that's all the whining I have for now. I'll be back whenever something interesting comes up... Only 8 shopping days left!

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Happy Thursday! I am so thrilled to report that I have access to a digital camera again and have been able to take a few pics to share! I have pictures of the new curtains I made, the (first) finished pair of Fuzzy Feet, and the Christmas tree all decorated up (finally!)

New Kitchen curtains
Dining room Drapes

All decorated with no gifts to show
Finished Fuzzy Feet

I decided to leave the Fuzzy Feet unfelted so the person can felt them and mold them to their own feet. I have two more pairs to go... I got *so* close to running out of yarn I almost panicked... and this was for a person with a ladies' size 5.5 shoe! So I have some extra handy for the next two pairs in case it gets a little "tight." I think it's especially stressful to be close to running out when you're on the second of a pair of something.

In holiday news, I am slowly but surely getting things done. I finished the heating pads and eye pillows and all the grandparent packages are packed and set to go (I just need to do the cards to send with them). The cards are the next big task. I've been staying up way too late and with the sun coming up so late in the morning I am sleeping in. Bad me! I also fear I may be borderline coming down with something... which is kinda scary. It would be just like me to be sick over the holidays :-/

In order to keep me in the spirit I have my radio tuned to the local "lite rock" station that is only playing Christmas/holiday music until the day after Christmas. This is fun except their collection doesn't seem to be very complete. I hear a lot of repeats and find out things I never wanted to know like Bony M has Christmas music and John Tesh plays the guitar (???) The good thing is that no matter what I can put my money on the fact that they will play my favorite "Christmas Song" by my favorite Nat King Cole. He has the most amazing voice...

Anyway -- hope everyone else is keeping a relatively low stress profile pre-holiday.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

OH!!! One more thing... I've received a few requests for the pattern for my Tube Scarf. Here is the knitty gritty:
Materials: 1 set size 15 (10 mm) 29" circulars. 3 or so skeins of a fluffy microfiber yarn ( or something similar). Geisha Microfibra or Gedifra Microchic are ideal.

Directions: Cast on 40 stitches loosely. Place Marker. Join in round being VERY careful not to twist stitches (this can be tricky with fluffy yarns). Knit one round. At the marker, change to Purl for the next round. The next time you reach the marker, change to knit again. Continue to change every time you reach the marker. This will create a garter stitch. Continue this until the scarf is as long as you would like. Bind off VERY loosely, or the end hole of your tube will be too small for anything useful like a cowl headcover. That's it! Write to me if you get lost...

Good Morning! Sorry I've been away so long... I've actually been pretty busy. I still have lots left to do though and I'm stressing out about it! Last night I completed the maternity raglan I've been working on except for the seams from the cuff to the waist. It's such a long seam and I don't think I made it big enough around for how fat I'll get... so it's marinating. The raglan seams and the neckline and sleeves look great though. While it's marinating I decided to start on my first (hopefully of MANY) pair of Fuzzy Feet. I started around ohhh, 8:30. By 10 I had turned the heel and gotten 2/5 the way through the gusset rows. How fun! I'm doing these in a light grayish green color. I think I'm going to make them a "felt your own Fuzzy Feet" type thing -- at least for my mom and for my friend who are getting these. Maybe not for the third recipient... we'll see. I will have one set of pink, one set of green, and one set of natural white when all is said and done. I don't have size 10.5 needles so I'm using two circs size 10 and knitting at very loose gauge.

On top of still knitting gifts I have to finish trimming the tree, wrap gifts that need to be shipped, take a pic for the Christmas cards, write a newsletter (my first yr to do this -- that much has happened!), finish purchasing gifts that will need shipping, make the Christmas cards, send the int'l cards ASAP, prepare a gift for the knitting guild exchange for Thursday, prepare a gift for an online exchange ASAP, finish making flax seed bags, and I'm sure there's much more I'm just forgetting some. Argh. And on top of all of this... work is being busy and difficult... It's interesting though so I can't complain too much. I hope everyone is getting along well with their knitting/holidays and I'll write again when I find the time!!!

Friday, December 06, 2002

I am loving the new Knitty!! And congrats to my co-Portland Knitter Melissa for her great design (and cover shot). This Bart person seems to be a great photographer but with such an awesome subject... his job wasn't too difficult!

I am certainly interested in making the Loopy and Luscious scarf with my leftover kid mohair I got at a sidewalk sale this past summer. I have to go to the shop to pick up my last few balls of Falk for the Nordic sweater for the dh, so I can grab some of the hip hop at that point. Maybe I can use some of my stash yarn in the place of that too... I've got a variety, that's for sure. I also have two skeins of Lambs Pride Worsted that I scored for 10 cents a piece which would be perfect for making Theresa's fantastic gift idea, Fuzzy Feet. So excited!!! Knitty always gets me excited...

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Amazon is so fascinating to me... Their method of marketing/advertising to fit your previous preferences is pretty annoying. I mean it's a good idea but I hate to be sized up by anyone, muchless a website. It's still fascinating...

Chris and I are going to attempt to watch Taken tonight. Maybe I will get to work on my sweater during the show. I'm pretty exhausted already today so some R&R sounds great. I thought this tired stuff quit after the first trimester...

Monday, December 02, 2002

It's too bad they don't have a pregnant Weatherpixie. Maybe pixies don't reproduce... there's a thought.

Thanksgiving was a huge success. The dinner was wonderful and everyone was happy. I finally replaced the curtains in the kitchen, rearranged the kitchen, and made curtains for the dining room (on Saturday). I *love* my new curtains. I still have to make one panel for the dining room but I have to buy the fabric first.

Surprisingly, my brother took a liking to the cashmere scarf I made. He requested that I make a matching cashmere beanie. It's on the list...

During the holiday weekend we had HBO and cinemax for free so we watched a lot of movies. During this time I started (and restarted - 4 times) a sweater for myself. I wanted a regular raglan oversized sweater with reverse stockinette edging but I didn't find any sort of raglan that might serve my purpose. Finally I broke out the engineering paper and started planning my own from the gauge I had done. I finished the back and I have started the front, which includes an extra 3" at the middle and sort of thins toward the sides to compensate for belly lift. Hopefully I will find time to finish the front this week and maybe I can knock out the sleeves next week. I'm warming my knitting muscles up for my hubby's dale sweater. The yarn I need to start off with should be here some time in the next week...

Last but not least I got some maternity shopping in this weekend. My belly is starting to stick out further than the rest of my front and that is just weird to me. I hate the maternity pants though so I'm trying to wear my normal clothes as much as possible...

Happy December!