Sunday, November 24, 2002

Good Morning! Just finishing up the last of a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take with me to the S&B meeting today. Finally, the weather decided to calm down and be sunny, and as a result my sinuses have settled down and become happy once again. I have started to sleep with a pillow between my knees like Elizabeth suggested and at least now my back will pop once in a while, which relieves a lot of the pain. The sciatica thing is still a problem though, I'll have to mention that to the doc next time I see her. I've been using heat to help relieve it once in a while.

Yesterday morning dh and I got up early and drove straight to an Estate Sale because they had YARN! We arrived just as they were opening the door and a huge crowd was there and had already signed up on some "list" that we didn't even know about. They called all the names on the list and we were the only ones left and they let us in too anyway... guess the list didn't serve much of a purpose. I sneaked upstairs looking for the yarn and I guess I was in the wrong room but I did find some nice wired ribbon that matches my christmas decor so I got a couple spools of that. I also got a great little travel/makeup box/bag that is bright red and in perfect condition. I *love* it, but I'm not sure what I would use it for. Finally, I sneaked around the corner and found the room with the YARN in it. I got two bags, one that looked like it had a bunch if irish wool in it and another that had a bunch of skeins (much like manos but just offwhite in color) in it. Each was $6.50. I left the Patons Canadiana behind for someone else... I also scored a set of size 10 bamboo clover straight needles for $1.50. The one thing I loved but didn't get was a wash stand that was made of wood and had a ceramic basin and vase. It had a mirror with two candles on either side and it was so cute but it was $75 and I didn't have any use for it. Ah well... I think I know who it would make the perfect gift for...

Anyway, so I ended up with 15 (2 oz) skeins of the irish wool and 11 skeins of the other 1 ply wool, and some other odds and ends of wool, all in offwhite/natural wool color. Not bad for $13. I wish more estate sales would have yarn!!!

Friday, November 22, 2002

I guess Friday Five is on hiatus. Hiatuses are so nice... In the meantime, I am at work on a Friday which is fairly unusual because I typically work from home. After cooking some very oniony/garlicky pasta sauce last night and not being able to turn the fan on (thanks to the dh being on the phone with T mobile regarding his new way too fancy telephone). Ew. The whole house smells and I can't stand the smell of it. I had things to do here anyway... so here I am. Sadly, my sinuses are acting up again :-( I didn't sleep a wink last night. I just can't get comfortable. Night before last the trains kept me up all night. They don't just honk when they go over a street.... they honk continuously the entire time they're going through Portland. How annoying is that at 4 AM??? Last night was just back issues. I like sleeping with my knees folded up to my chin (this is a bit of an exaggeration) because it stretches out my back and it feels good. Well now my belly is in the way and it doesn't like being smooshed. Add to this the flaring sciatica and the fact that I can't take any medications for any of these discomforts and I get no sleep. Just for fun, top it off with a sinus headache. This is my life...

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

OK I am so excited about this I have to post. I went shopping at a nearby outlet mall today to see if there was any maternity stuff (which there wasn't). BUT -- I saw in a Norm Thompson window an OFFICIAL Dale of Norway sweater out of the pattern I just purchased! I forgot to mention that I got 3/4 of the yarn for dh's sweater last weekend. Anyway, I *had* to go in and see how much it was (not to mention it was an XXL and their sizes run large). Anyhow... $179.99!!!!! I don't feel so bad about how much I'm paying for the superwash yarn now LOL...

Good morning. I've been out of commision with a heckuva sinus headache but now things seem to be on more of an even keel. I have to apologize for the lack of pictures lately but our digital camera battery charger was left in Vegas a while back and has made it as far as Palo Alto, CA but not quite up to Portland yet. Not sure when we're expecting it either. I made a quick washcloth this weekend and I've finished glove 2 except for the pinky finger and thumb. It's nice to know that one ball of fixation will make two gloves. Since I still have two balls left I might actually be able to make the matching hat for the pattern.

I watched Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood last night. Twice. In a row. The first time my dh was off for drinks with an ex coworker (in a smoky bar of course) so I figured I'd watch it myself since he's not usually a big fan of girlie movies. Then, when we got home and the pizza was baked he was like "let's watch Ya Ya." I didn't argue... it wasn't that bad really. I enjoyed the performances and I think that the lady wasn't crazy... she was just overwhelmed and didn't know how to cope. It happens to a lot of people, especially mothers, and I think it's blind to think it won't happen to you, especially if you plan to get married and have kids some day. Learning how to cope properly could be the answer though, because alcohol, pills, and avoidance aren't the answers...

In happier (or is it?) news, I've taken to using a rubber band around my pants buttons through the button loop to add a bit of space into my pants that fit everywhere but there. It's pretty funny. I would buy maternity clothes but I just can't make my mind up about which ones I like. Thanksgiving food comes before maternity clothes anyway... perhaps I can get my 2 moms to take me on a shopping trip the day after Thanksgiving (when I won't be able to fit into ANY of my clothes except maybe my flannel PJs).

Thursday, November 14, 2002

I keep expecting to wake up and suddenly have a belly poking out. It's bad enough that my pants hardly fit anymore but, geez, at least I could have a visible excuse hehe. So to make myself feel better, I went virtual maternity shopping. I spent just under $300 for a whole wardrobe... not bad all considering. How much of it I'll actually get remains to be seen...

In knitting news, I finished glove 1 and I'm starting on glove 2. I stopped by the Yarn Garden last night to re-connect with some of my old knitter pals and I found out that one of them works at the shop now! Tonight I'm going to make it to the Guild meeting and perhaps I'll get some more good knitting in on glove 2. Last night I also got to spend some time chit chatting with Ivete and Marilyn (at least for a short while) on IRC. That was pretty fun... but it is a bit difficult to knit and chat simultaneously. The way I figure it... I just need practice hehe. Oh -- and while at the yarn garden I picked up a pattern since I found out my sweet husband likes norwegian style sweaters. I figured the Official US Olympic Licensed Collection would give me a few options, and I think I have the pattern picked out. The shop's selection of Heilo colors wasn't fantastic, and I might even want to use Falk so I don't have to worry with the hand washing...

And so I finally saw Attack of the Clones last night since dh bought it. I didn't think it was that bad... but I was watching at home so if I was bored of a (particular "love") scene, I just went off to the kitchen to get a snack or a drink. All in all, it was quite entertaining! We're also halfway through Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring. We recently got the 4 DVD set at Best Buy for about $25. We finished Tues night at the Council of Elrond. I suppose we'll finish that tonight... if we have time.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Hello, Monday. What a weird weekend it has been. First, we found out that our favorite coupon book had a picture in it that looked vaguely familiar. We were a bit confused at how a picture that was taken 3 yrs ago in Houston, TX found its way into a coupon book in Portland, OR (and potentially Seattle and Minneapolis too). A friend of ours discovered that if you go to and type in "mechanic" into the search, the very first image is yours truly, wrenching down the rockers on her 1999 Camaro SS after a cam swap and an exhaust modification. My sweet father-in-law took this picture and was the first one to recognize it in the coupon book. What a wild and wacky small world it is after all.

Then, as freakish things were the norm, my college football team somehow pulled a win on the #1 ranked team in the nation (who ESPN ranked #2 evidently). Wow? Double and triple wow??? Where did they find this team and where have they been all season??? What an exciting game it was, even if I could only hear it and not see it due to only regional coverage.

We got a new door put in to the upstairs so hopefully some heat can migrate up there instead of it being meatlocker cold. The door fits so well, and it looks great. Chris and his dad did a great job installing it (even though they were a bit messy). They cleaned up the mess so I really can't complain.

In knitting news (yes -- I still knit!) I started on a really fun Christmas gift. I can't say TOO much about it except that I highly recommend using this free glove pattern with Cascade Fixation yarn. I know it's such a great sock yarn but honestly, these gloves are so fun to make. The size the pattern is written in comes out as a ladies' small with the fixation so it may need some adjustment for larger hands. The bulky yarn may be suitable too.

Happy Monday, folks.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

So I saw spiderman last night. Not a bad flick... kinda glad I watched it on DVD and not in theaters though. The bad guy was too scary. And that girl with the red hair... she kept changing her tone of voice like she had multiple personalities or something. That was slightly irritating.

Chris borrowed a scanner from friends last night so we can scan all the wedding pictures and put them online. I really want to see the ones the photographer took though...

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

OK -- so it wasn't my imagination after all... I truly *AM* surrounded by idiots. Yesterday and today have been an outright testament to that. I know it's very presumptuous of me to assume that the results of a public election make everyone idiots... but honestly... anyone who chooses to vote down an initiative that would have informed them, and choose to be ignorant instead, is an idiot.

Monday, November 04, 2002

I am still here - just been on furlough, from work and from the blog too evidently. I'm knitting on a hat and scarf set for a holiday gift exchange. I am making some headway into holiday gifts and things are going really well. I also made a batch of (doublemint rosemary) soap last week. Hopefully making all this cool stuff from what I have lying around will make this holiday season an inexpensive one. I am sure there will still be purchases though. Next order of business will be holiday greeting cards. From scratch of course...